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Our Vision Is To Strengthen And Widen Our Spectrum Of Guarding Solutions

SOUTHWALL SECURITY is led by a team of highly professional, competent, and experienced officers. We offer a full range of corporate and residential security services to suit any situation. One of our key focus areas is the careful screening of security staff. They undergo professional training by highly trained police officers from a defence background. Since Security is an important and inseparable arm of all establishments, Southwell trains and equips its personnel to undertake this important function. Thus, enabling our clients to be free and concentrate on their core activities.

Quality Policy

Southwall Security is committed to the safety of its clients. We endeavour to provide our clients with Best quality services. Firstly, by engaging in a system of two integral dimension of Quality; Consistent Execution and Continual Improvement in all we do.

Secondly, we ensure we impart training to all our staff. By updating their skills and enabling them to execute the work as per the laid down System, Procedures, Guidelines and Standards.

Thirdly, all our staff understand that the Quality Management System is highly essential to provide top notch security services.

SouthWall Security

  • At Southwall Security, safety always comes first. Our vision is to strengthen and widen our spectrum of guarding solutions to a large extent. This systematic approach to establish and maintain the highest standard of Safety and Security means you can focus on your priorities without risk to your property, products, or people.
  • We aim to grow strategically by cultivating and nurturing the human and ethical values in order to exceed expectations of our clients. Thereby synonymous with one-stop guarding solutions to endow the clients with an unmatched feeling of safety and security on an everyday basis.
  • To be a trusted brand in the field of security which our clients can rely on.


Training is a critical aspect of the security field. Because it helps security staff develop the skills and knowledge needed to perform their duties effectively. Proper training can ensure that security staff respond appropriately to security threats and emergencies.

Why we give immense importance to trainings:

  1. Provides Necessary Skills: Training provides security staff with skills like conflict resolution, emergency response, etc.
  2. Improves Performance: Also, it can help improve security staff’s performance. Thus help reduce security risks, improve customer service, and increase productivity.
  3. Adapts to Changing Threats: As security threats evolve, training helps security staff stay up-to-date with the latest security measures.
  4. Enhances Professionalism: Moreover, it helps enhance the professionalism of security staff, which increases trust.
  5. Increases Safety: While helping reduce workplace accidents and injuries, training also creates a safer work environment.
  6. Ensures Compliance: Also, it ensures that security staff comply with legal and ethical standards, reducing the risk of liability and reputational damage.

Overall, training is a vital component of the security field that can help ensure the safety and security of people, assets, and properties. Investing in training can ultimately lead to a more efficient and effective security team.

Customer Satisfaction

Our Skills

  • Customer Satisfaction is of utmost priority to Southwall. So we host a range of pioneering initiatives to keep our clients happy and safe all the time. One such measure includes offering tailor-made solutions, which perfectly fulfils both budgetary as well as security requirements of our clients.
  • Our endeavor to successfully meet all the security requirements endeared us to us by our clients. Our dedicated services speak for themselves. And the unsolicited appreciation earned for our performance over the years have inspired us for continued growth.
  • Our customers form the most important part of our business. And we have the skills and expertise to provide a variety of customized guarding solutions based on specific client requirements across Bangalore.


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Southwall Security is providing excellent Security services in our apartment premises. They have been associated with our apartment and have been very responsive to our security needs in the apartment.


Southwall Security Services has been managing the team very effectively. And we would like to appreciate him & the team for being our preferred Security Service provider.


We take this opportunity to thank one and all from Southwall Security Services for their complete involvement. We appreciate their well-maintained conduct.

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