What We Offer

Providing you protection is our only business

We conduct detailed risk assessments to determine how best to mitigate security threats and establish a security plan that will help your organization function optimally within a secure environment. Our use of cutting edge technology means that not only are your security needs being taken care of, but that our officers are being closely managed. If your facility requires patrol cars, we can provide them, customized as required. We will do whatever is necessary to provide the security solutions that will keep your people and property safe.

Services We Provide

we offer a full range of corporate security services to suit any situation. One of our key focus areas is that our people are carefully screened and undergo professional training by Highly Professionally trained Police Officers from Defence Background.

Residential Services

Residential security services typically consist of patrol duties. Apartment security focuses on foot patrols, with bicycles being used in some cases to patrol larger complexes. Southwall Security Services is ready to assist with any type of security patrol.

Hotel Security

A hotel security guard team should be provided by all hotel owners, operators and managers. This minimizes the potential for danger to the surrounding along with providing safety to the guests and staff. Almost every hotel in the country has some sort of security officer, visible to arriving or departing guests.

Hospital Security

For the purpose of avoiding emergencies, hospitals, clinics, therapy centers, and other medical facilities require appropriate healthcare security services. Healthcare Guards, emergency alarm systems, CCTV surveillance, and other preventive instruments and methods are services offered by Southwall Security Services.

Event Security Services

From the biggest music festivals to the smallest trade events, Southwall Security Services has the experience to meet all of your event security requirements. While anyone can attend an event wearing a uniform, we realize that much more is needed for an event to be successful.

Private Security Services

A group of highly skilled security officers working for Southwall Security Services are aware that providing private executive protection requires much more than just hiring any ordinary cop. You'll require a highly qualified, experienced, and committed security firm to guarantee your protection.

Industrial Security Services

Southwall Security Services has the knowledge to offer unique insight into the world of industrial security in order to deliver the safest workplace conceivable. We are aware that in today's world, security and safety must be balanced appropriately

Infrastructure Services

In India, Southwall Security Services is thought to be the top option for infrastructure site protection. We do our share to safeguard your business and maintain efficiency. Our security officers are skilled in cooperating with site personnel while still offering reliable security.