Industrial Security Services

Industrial Security Services

Specially trained security guards for field of industrial security

In order to provide the safest environment possible, Southwall Security Services has the experience to provide special insight Into field of industrial security. We understand that in today’s society, a suitable balance between safety and security must be reached. We have a wealth of experience combining technology solutions with highly skilled security personnel to provide the best possible protection for our clients’ employees, information, and assets.

In order to create successful safety and security programs that satisfy our clients’ demanding but always changing security needs, Southwall Security Services utilizes the top security industry specialists to evaluate and consult with our clients. We have earned the reputation of being the “go-to” security provider in the industrial industry by consistently adapting and being proactive.

Southwall's key strategies and services for industrial security

  • Technological innovations created exclusively for an industrial setting
  • Highly trained Security Officers with specialized industry-leading training
  • Emergency Management and Business Continuity support
  • Offering adaptable and quick solutions through mobile support and alarm response functions
  • Mobile Support and Alarm response functions to offer flexible and timely solutions

Physical Security

This includes measures to protect the facility from unauthorized access, such as fences, gates, and security personnel.

Supply Chain Security

Industrial facilities rely on a complex supply chain to function, and it is important to ensure that the supply chain is secure and not vulnerable to tampering or disruption.

Risk Assessment

It is important to conduct a thorough risk assessment to identify potential security threats and vulnerabilities.