Recruitment And Training

Recruitment And Training

  • Our Organization will select a Physically Fit, Medically fit and Mentally sound personnel with all the compliance as per PSARA [ Private security agency regulation act -2005]
  • Our security personnel will be trained from the root-up starting from Grooming, personnel hygiene up to the handling of the visitors, by being polite in manner and properly be enquiring as per your hospitality norms.
  • We have very senior professionals who can refresh the personnel time to time to meet the challenges faced by the men in operations. All our men are trained in , Basic safety & security ,Lift Rescue, First Aid, Firefighting and various Etiquette Skills.

The Main Subjects Covered During The Basic Training

  • Basic Security Training
  • Procedure of Security
  • On Job Training
  • Refresher Training on Security Activities
  • Fire Fighting and First Aid, Emergency & Crisis Management
  • Personal observations of Men, material and Information’s
  • Practical Fire Evacuation Drill
  • Patrolling and Security Surveillance
  • Communication and Soft Skill Development
  • Handling of Various Peoples & Situations
  • Visitors Managements /My gate, ADDA, No Brokerhood & others Apps
  • Documents of Registers Management.

Our Security Personals Are Trained To Operate The Security Equipment’ Such As:

  • HHMD [Hand held Metal Detectors]
  • DFMD [ Door Frame Metal Detectors]
  • AVD [ Alcohol Vapor Detectors]
  • UVIM [Under vehicle Inspection Mirror]
  • X Ray Baggage Machine
  • Monitoring of CCTV and Dome Camera 24 x 7

Documents Maintained By Security Personal On Day To Day Basis.

  • Daily occurrence Register
  • Material Inward /outward Register
  • Attendance of all personal and security staff
  • Entry and exit from premises will be strictly logged in the duly assigned Register.
  • Register Entry/Biometric entry for the permanent staff will be carried out on daily basis
  • All security personnel will be trained about the parking management and they will maintain the records for the same
  • Security personal will keep all the records and track, all Employees, laborers and vendors and also raise the daily reports of security schedule, the same will be provided to Security in charge /Admin of the Institute. That also will be counter checked by Field officers on their regular visits.
  • Our Patrolling unit will visit your premises on a surprise visits during the night hours to maintain the alertness of the security personnel.

Our training courses are designed after having in depth discussions with the client and assessing the training needs to staff. They aim of these courses is to enhance the security skills of the security personnel’s and develop management skills in the supervisory and Management staff.


Registration   No & DateAAT-6178 & 01/09/2020
PF No.PYKRP22326000
ESI Code No50000552350000900



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