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    We are a new security company in Bangalore, having established our selves as an independent entity two years ago. Despite being a relatively new player in the market, we are backed by the expertise and experience of our parent company, Paradigm Services (, which has been providing Facility Management and Security Services for over 16 years.

    Our new vertical is a testament to our commitment to expanding our service offerings and catering to the specific security needs of our clients. We leverage our parent company’s knowledge and experience while maintaining our autonomy as a separate entity, allowing us to provide customized and efficient security solutions to our clients.

    At SouthWall, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity, professionalism, and service

    Our Services

    Residential security

    Residential security services are companies that provide security services for homes and residential properties.

    Hotel Security

    Hospital security refers to the measures taken to protect hospitals, their patients, and their employees from threats such as violence, theft, and terrorism.

    Hospital Security

    Hotel security refers to the measures taken to protect hotels, their guests, and their employees from threats such as theft, violence, and terrorism.

    Event Security

    Event security services refer to the measures taken to ensure the safety and security of attendees at events such as concerts, festivals, sporting events, and other gatherings.

    Private Security

    Private security refers to the practice of hiring individuals or companies to provide security services for individuals, businesses, or organizations.

    Industrial Security

    Industrial security refers to the measures taken to protect industrial facilities, assets, and personnel from threats such as terrorism, sabotage, espionage, and cyber attacks.

    Infrastructure Security

     Infrastructure security services are designed to help organizations protect their infrastructure from threats and vulnerabilities, and ensure that their systems and data are secure.

    Mall & Retails security

    Mall and retail security involves the protection of shopping centers, stores, and other retail establishments. 

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    Our special & unique capabilities, technology, operating procedures that would be of direct benefit to the Clients


    Online/ Phone help within minutes.

    Best Quality Assured and maintained.

    Site presence by southwall SME’s within 45-60 mins.

    Reach out to the right persons with escalation matrix

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    Our Clients

    • Icon sanctuary
    • Icon sanctuary
    • SJR Spencer
    • SJR Spencer
    • Bollineni Silas
    • Bollineni Silas
    • Vivanties
    • Shriram Sahaana
    • Jain Heights East Parade
    • Jain Heights East Parade
    • Brigade Jacarada
    • Brigade Laburnum
    • Prestige NottingHiils
    • Aquanties
    • Trans Indus
    • Nikoo Homes
    • Purva PalmBeach
    • Urban Greens
    • Raja Ritz Avenue
    • Keshava Setlur
    • Iskcon Temple
    • Arvind Housing
    • SNN Raj Spiritua
    • Raja Wood Park
    • Raja Wood Park
    • DSR Builders
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    SOUTHWALL SECURITY Pvt Ltd is led by a team of highly professional, competent and experienced officers, we offer a full range of corporate security services to suit any situation.

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